Some Good News

UCLA hoops finally got some good news as Jordan Adams has decided to stick around for his Junior season.  Now if we can just get Norman Powell to come back they should be ready for another deep run.  UCLA will be reloading with Isaac Hamilton at guard, but they will benefit from a myriad of big guys coming in next season led by McDonalds All Americans Kevon Looney and Thomas Welsh.

Strangely enough, I found this article the other day about NCAA changes that could benefit UCLA basketball and college basketball for that matter.  It’s a pretty decent article and worth your time.

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4 Responses to Some Good News

  1. mobleygang says:

    That is a great perspective. I totally agree with most of it. The biggest thing is the influence of AAU and the one-and-done. It has detracted from the college and high school games, as both AAU and one-and-done lead to players relying on one on one skills, to prepare for the nba scouts. There is less structure of playing to players strengths and being a great team.

    • Exactly Brother. I am so tired of these kids getting into college and having to learn how to do simple fundamental basketball moves. It’s ruining the game and that is just going to get much worse if they decide to start paying college athletes.

      • mobleygang says:

        I think rather than paying athletes, tickets for sporting events should be decreased. Every athlete should play in front of sold out crowds in college. UCLA and other high level programs are a joke on profit margin. I am more of an advocate for 4 years, if you sign and letting players go to the NBDL if they need the money, haha. Hopefully that would allow to build programs and watch good basketball at the college level.

      • Agreed brother. Very much agreed.

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