30 for 30 Bias?

So I am a total advocate for this brilliant series from ESPN.  The way they portray all these stories is absolutely awesome.  I can’t help but notice the lack of West Coast love in these episodes however.  I was going through the list of episodes so far, of which there are now 61 of them.

Of those 61, I can count maybe five that have real West Coast ties.  Including: “Straight Outta L.A.”, “The Todd Marinovich Project” and “The Announcement.”

East coast bias is nothing new in the sports world, but now it is leaking into the documentary world as well?  Come on people.  How has a story been told about the Fab Five, a horse, and all this other crap, but nobody wants to write about the UCLA basketball domination of the 60s and 70s or even about the great Lakers/Celtic rivalry?

Apparently I have to become a movie director and start working on these myself.


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3 Responses to 30 for 30 Bias?

  1. russell mobley says:


  2. russell mobley says:

    Your sisters do

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