The Weed Debate

Using Marijuana for medical purposes is nothing new.  Just ask the millions of people who have glaucoma and are benefitting from its affects.  Okay, so it’s probably not millions, but millions of people will claim that they have some affliction to get some marijuana.

Blake Griffin made a little news this week saying that he sees the benefits of using marijuana for medical reasons and I completely agree with him.  He makes some good points without straight coming out and saying that he uses the stuff, I am sure he didn’t want to be drug tested following the interview.

The NFL is starting to look at specific uses of marijuana and I think everybody should.  NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer whatever.  They all need to research the benefits. As the country becomes more weed friendly, we should find out what actual benefits it could have for any ailment.

Social acceptance is probably the first step here, which is on its way with two states now allowing uses of marijuana.  Assuming that the whole country will eventually follow those two states, we could solve a lot of monetary issues in government with the money from this endeavor.  It just seems like a benefit to all parties to allow the use of the stuff.

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