NBA Playoffs

So we are a game or 2 into all the NBA playoff series so far.  And, just like I expected the Western Conference games were much more interesting than the Eastern.  The only surprise so far has been the utter dismantling of the Pacers.  They look like a team in disarray and definitely not a title contender.

The Western Conference winning teams through game 1 have had an average winning margin of about 6 points and that would have been a lower had Kevin Durant not gotten hot in the 4th quarter against the Griz and won that game by 14.  The other 3 Western games were won by 5, 4, and 2 points.

The Eastern Conference winning teams had a winning margin of about 9 and no game was within two possessions. The closest game was the Nets and Raptors that was decided by 7 points.  And if you watched that game it really didn’t seem that close.

The West is going to be brutal and any team that comes out of there is going to be tired heading into the finals.  The East is going to be a cake walk for Miami if the Pacers can’t figure out what the hell is going on over there.  If Miami 3-peats I will lose all faith in the NBA.

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