The Downfall of the Clippers

In the wake of the comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the Clippers look like a team in disarray.  They absolutely got manhandled in game 4 by the Warriors and had no energy at all.

Can you blame that loss on Sterling?  No, his comments did not affect the outcome of that game.  But, every loss from here on out will blamed on Sterling.  If the Clippers lose this series they will for sure blame everything on their owner.

His comments were completely out of hand and should never be expressed.  This is the 21st century and we should be pledging equality in all senses of the word.  But, Sterlings comments have nothing to do with the actual games themselves.

Come on Clipper fans.  Ask for change after the season, but don’t blame everything on an owner that makes no difference on the outcome of the games.

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