The 2nd Round

Can anything beat the first round of the NBA playoffs 2014?  Holy moly!  5 of the 8 series went to 7 games and while none of the game 7’s were all that memorable it was still pretty insane.  The second round starts today with the Clippers taking on the Thunder and the Pacers squaring off against the Wizards.

I will take the Thunder in 6 for that series and the Pacers in 7. I think the Thunder figured something out at the end of their first round series with Durant and Westbrook looking unstoppable.  They will be tough to beat, even with the Clippers having a huge chip on their shoulders.  The Pacers are still a huge question mark.  I have no clue what team will show up and if they can actually continue to compete.  We will find out.

No matter what the case it will be tough to top the first round.  I don’t see it happening, but then again I didn’t expect that first round to be quite like that.

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