The NBA Awards

The NBA regular season awards are starting to be announced.  Michael Carter-Williams was a no brainer for rookie of the year and it has been known for a little while that Kevin Durant will take home MVP honors.  Nothing that shocking happening, but how about we predict some of the post season award getters.

Post-season Best Rookie: Steven Adams

He isn’t going to wow you with numbers and he doesn’t have to.  That is what Durant and Westrbook are for.  But, they will need his post-defense and aggressiveness going forward and let’s face it there aren’t a whole lot of other players to choose from.

Post-season MVP: Russell Westbrook

Durant will win Finals MVP, but he isn’t as important to that team as Westbrook is right now.  Russ had a triple-double in game 7 against the Grizzlies and brings that edge that winning teams need in the playoffs.  Also, he is fearless which is much needed.

Post-season Best Coach: Greg Popovich

Does anybody out-coach Greg Popovich ever?  I would argue that it doesn’t happen but maybe twice a year.  The guy just knows how to get the best out of his players at all times.  He has been behind some of the most successful teams in NBA history.  That isn’t a coincident.

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