The Dismal NBA

Is anyone else up in arms every year when a coach who led his team to the NBA playoffs gets axed?  I know I am.  Especially, one doing as well a job as Mark Jackson was in first few years at the helm.  I can’t believe that he was fired.  And he isn’t the first playoff coach to be fired, last year there were two and before them many more.

What do you have to do to keep a job in the NBA?  Win an NBA title?  At that rate every team but one would have to replace it’s coach every year.  I know that we are a recycling country and all, but this is getting out of hand.

Now that all of my anger is out of the way, how do the Lakers go about signing Mark Jackson?  I think that he would be a great fit as Lakers coach.  All of the Warriors players respected him and he was there for the quick rebuild that the franchise went through.  Although, maybe the Lakers need a fresh face. Maybe they need to take a look at somebody who has never been a coach before.  Who knows…

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