Indiana Pace-rs

The Indiana franchise has been aptly named during these playoffs so far.  As their “pace” of play has been absolutely horrendous.  As seen in the last game against the Wizards that resulted in an unwatchable 85-63 final score.

The Pacers have been one of the most polarizing teams this season.  They have been completely dominant or non-existent.  I have never seen a team with so much talent, lose all of their confidence.  They seem to have gotten some back after that blowout win on Friday night, but I still don’t know if they can challenge the Heat or any of the West’s four remaining teams.

At this point I just don’t think anybody is stopping another San Antonio/Miami finals.  Those two teams just seem locked in.  Although, I think KD and Russ Westbrook will have something to say about that.

NBA Playoffs are fun.

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