The NBA Draft

Though the draft should have plenty of “wow” moments, like last year when Anthony Bennett went #1 overall, I expect the majority of those moments to not involve the actual draft.
Lebron has reportedly opted out of his contract and trade talks have been heating up around the country. That is where the noise will be made today.

I expect the Lakers to trade their pick and make improvements at an attempt to lure Mr. James to LA. I don’t think they have enough pieces right now to make Lebron seriously consider taking his talents there.

On the other hand, half of the NBA now has the open cap space to make a run at Lebron and Cleveland is home for him. I think a team with Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, and whoever else they are putting on the court these days could be just enough to bring Lebron back.

Wouldn’t it be fitting to see Lebron back in Cleveland. How would/should the fans react? I can guarantee that they forget all about “the decision”.

I think there are maybe a handful of teams that have a legitimate chance to sign Lebron, including LA, Cleveland, and his current Miami Heat squad. But, let’s face it, Lebron likes to make his own decisions. Maybe we will see him on Maccabi Tel Aviv next year. “Well, I already beat the NBA’s best, might as well beat the European Best. Up next is the Mexican Leagues”

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