What the PF**k?

What are the Lakers doing? Signing 2 power forwards after re-signing Jordan Hill and drafting Julius Randle number 7 overall. It doesn’t make sense. You want to build around Kobe Bryant while you still can, but carrying 4 power forwards with pretty much the same skill set is not the right way to do that.

Randle is obviously the future at the position for the Lakers and yet for some reason they decided to take Carlos Boozer who hasn’t been effective in like 4 years. He was basically weeded out of the line-up in Chicago. Why would the Lakers want him?

There are still moves to be made in free-agency that the Lakers could have shot for. Eric Bledsoe would have been a great pick up, as would Greg Monroe and yet the Lakers made no run at either of them. Crazy!

The Lakers have a shot to make the playoffs next season, but it’s very low as they will need to be almost perfect to be the 8th seed in the loaded Western Conference. If they want to move the team to, say, Burlington Vermont for a season would be smart. The East is terrible.

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