The Hall Of Fame

Every major sports league has a Hall of Fame. One that enshrines the greatness of a career. So why does every Hall of Fame give it’s players like 10 times to be elected? I don’t understand. If you aren’t good enough to be elected on the first ballot, shouldn’t you be not quite good enough to be elected on the 9 thereafter?

The rules of the Hall of Fame entry should be simple. Yes or No? I say give the sports writers and managers and whoever else is voting the ability to vote and if you make it you are in, if not, sorry you weren’t quite good enough.

I think it’s a 75% vote to get into the Hall of Fame in most of the sports. Alright, so maybe you got 70% of the vote and aren’t in, how do you make up that amount if you aren’t playing anymore? You shouldn’t be able to in my opinion.

Alright, I won’t be so harsh. If you get at least 60% of the vote you can be on the ballot the following year. But, if you don’t get at least 70% of the vote the next year, you are off for good.

Hall of Fame to me, means the best of the best. Not the best of the best who after 10-15 years finally got the sympathy of the vote. The Hall of Fame should be an immortal designation. Not some watered down meaningless gesture.

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