Pennant Races

The Baseball regular season is quickly coming to a close. With about 30 game left to play there are a few really close pennant races that could be very interesting down the stretch. The AL West is brutal at the top as the A’s and Angels currently share the best record in major league baseball. The A’s have had the Angels number all season and the Angels end their season on the road at Oakland and at Seattle. That could be tough.

The AL and NL East are both pretty close to be done as the Orioles and Nationals both hold 7 game leads. Not that crazier things haven’t happened, but I am gonna say that those divisions are pretty much locked up.

The 2 Central Divisions have the best races going on with Kansas City trying to hold a 3 game lead and get back to the playoff for the first time in forever. On the NL side the Cardinals only hold a half game lead on Milwaukee and a 4 game lead on Pittsburgh.

Finally the NL West has the Dodgers up 4.5 games on the Giants and while that lead could evaporate quickly, I just don’t see that happening.

The MLB playoffs are on their way and they should be as exciting as ever. Stay tuned.

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