West Coast

It’s been quite a while since I did a post about how much better the West is than the East.  I am not just talking sports, but for this post shall just stick to sports.  

Anybody notice where the best two teams in baseball hail from?  Oh yeah, that would be the AL West and California for that matter.  The Angels and A’s are in a dogfight to figure out who is the best team in baseball.  My money is on the Angels, but as you may have noticed that is because I am an Angel fan.

Then there is the NL West that has the Dodgers and Giants who are two of the best teams in the NL.  The Dodgers have the best pitcher in the game and a payroll that would boggle your mind, but at least that has led them to wins.  It doesn’t always happen that way.  Oh and did I mention both of those teams are currently headed for the playoffs as well?  Yeah, watch out baseball 4 California teams are about to invade the playoffs.

Let’s look at the NBA then.  When was the last time that the Eastern Conference was any good?  I can tell you that, if not for how brutal the playoffs are in the West, the Heat would have never won a title. Series after series in the West went to 6 or 7 games and just drained the teams.  Whereas the Heat get to play the Bobcats and Wizards who barely break .500.  It’s a shame.  

In the NFL look no further than the NFC West for the best team in football and maybe the second best team as well. That division could have 4 playoff teams if St. Louis and Arizona were in a different conference. It’s a brutal one.

College football is about to start and there are 6 teams from the Pac-12 in the AP Poll to start the season.  3 of which, you guessed it, hail from California.  But, it’s Oregon who takes the highest ranking honor on the West Coast for the time being.  

All of the top teams from all the top sports currently come from the West coast.  And this has been the case for the past couple years and yet if you watch any news outlet not based West of Denver, then you would have no idea. ESPN wants everybody to think that the best teams come out of New York or D.C. or Philadelphia or anywhere on the East.  But, that’s just not the case. 

We all know what coast is the best coast. The West Coast!!!

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One Response to West Coast

  1. Leanne says:

    Go Dolphins.

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