3 Days In

2 games, 1 game… Depending on who your favorite team is you are either 1 or 2 games into the season.  A lot can be said about the games that have been played so far.  Let’s take a look.

Cleveland isn’t there quite yet… They lost to the Knicks at home a night after those same Knicks got demolished at home against the Bulls.  Yeah, don’t panic yet Cavs fans, they are still learning to play together.

The Lakers are gonna struggle… A LOT…. This season.  Kobe will not.  He looked 28 years old again scoring 31 against the Suns in the second night of a back to back.  He will get double and triple teamed this season, because the Lakers have absolutely nobody else that can score the ball.  It’s sad.

Oklahoma City is struggling for players to even get onto the court.  The entire team it seems is injured.  And yet, they have been close in two games so far.  No wins, but they still have looked better than the Lakers who are nearly full strength.  OKC fans need not freak out, because help is on the way.

Anthony Davis is good.  Holy crap that guy is good.  Watch out NBA.

The best backcourt in the NBA is Steph Curry and Klay Thompson followed closely by Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe.  Then there is a giant chasm followed by a river of lava and then you climb over the Himalayas which is where the 3rd best backcourt lives.  I know, crazy right.


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