What’s Happening?

I am way behind this week so let’s do some catching up.

Oregon has jumped into the top 4 in the College Football Playoff joining Ole Miss, Florida State and Auburn.

The Lakers are terrible.  Kobe can’t win them all.  37 shots to get 39 points isn’t gonna work.  I can’t trust anybody else to make shots though so Kobe keep firing.

The NFL is in a never ending battle with bad publicity stemming from Ray Rice and every other Domestic Violence case.  No longer are concussions on the mind of every NFL hater, but that will change again soon when the next wave of terrible things happens.

IU hoops is in a downward spiral.  And when that happens the coach is the first person to be faulted.  No reason for that, but it’s the way of the universe.

Don’t look now, but A-Rod has finally admitted to PED use.  Crazy right!

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