Mike Trout Wins MVP…Maybe

Mike Trout is bound to be named MVP at some point today.  And if he isn’t I am going to riot.  Alright, I won’t riot, but it will be the worst decision the MLB Awards committee has made since (insert random 1903 reference here).

Mike Trout has what some considered his worst full season in the majors.  That’s saying something.  He hit 30+ homers, 110+RBI and scored over 100 runs this season.  Do you know how rare that is?  Let me tell you it rarely happens.

Trout also struck out a lot this years, which is probably more about the fact he seemed to be swinging more for power than average.

Mike Trout will be the 2014 AL MVP and if he were eligible for the Cy Young too, I would give that to him too.  If, for no other reason than just because he is the best player in baseball.


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