College Hoops!!!!

Finally, it’s my favorite time of the year.  College basketball has begun.  That means that I am once again going to praise UCLA for being the best program in the history of the sport.  This year could be an interesting one.  No longer are the Bruins guard heavy and perimeter oriented.  With the edition of 3 PF’s and 1 C, the Bruins strength now lies in the post.  That is both good and bad.

The post strength is good, because having such depth in the front court means that they can experiment with many different lineups including those that put stud Freshman Kevon Looney at small forward with Tony Parker and Thomas Welsh.  That is some serious size up front that few teams can match UCLA on.

The same teams that were there last year and the previous (insert huge number here) are ready for another deep tournament run. Kansas, Duke, Arizona, Wisconsin, and the horribly stupid but crazy talented Kentucky team are all capable of winning a title.  Not too mention about 3 other teams with an outside shot at it.  If last season taught us anything it’s that you can’t count anyone in the tournament, out.

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