They Put Who In?

The College Football Committee has spoken.  They think the Big 10 is a much stronger conference than the Big 12.  Ohio State had a good year and they deserved consideration.  Especially after manhandling a pretty decent Wisconsin team.  But, they don’t deserve a playoff spot.

TCU and Baylor had better resumes and yet somehow they will both be on the outside looking in.  I, for one, wanted to see TCU play Oregon and see who could get a defensive stop.  That would have been very entertaining.  Instead, I have to watch another Alabama team walk into the title game with what should be a very overwhelming victory over an undermanned OSU team.

Oregon should meet the Tide in the title game after FSU finally gets what’s coming to them.  A chance to play a team that is actually good.

It was going to be tough for the committee to make leave the two teams out, but they definitely put the wrong team into the playoff.

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