Oddly Enough

We have been informed that the president of the NCAA is thinking about allowing college basketball players to do something a little crazy.  They are considering letting college basketball players the ability to leave college for the NBA to get back into college.  Okay, that’s not really true, but it would allow players who have struggled in the association a second chance in college.

The proposed change would allow players in the D-league the ability to go back to college. Okay, so it’s not just giving NBA players the chance to get back to college, but this would be a huge step.  The current collegiate landscape does not have a back up plan once you decide to turn pro.  If this actually happens it would be HUGE!

No parameters were given as to: eligibility loss per year/season, returning to same school or switching schools, when this might actually happen.  The good news is that this is a huge step away from what the NCAA is usually like, but the bad news is that the likelihood of this coming to fruition is doubtful.  This may be a great idea, but the NCAA hasn’t had many of those in the recent past.

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