Wait… What?

Has anyone been paying attention to the craziness that is the absolute melt-down of all pro sports?  I know it’s not all coming crashing down right now, but are we not heading to a world with no professional sports?

The NFL is dealing with a massive amount of domestic violence and other criminal cases that are dealing major blows to all teams.  At the rate these things are happening, the NFL will not have enough players to fill out rosters in the next 5 years.  And that’s not to mention all the concussion issues that have taken a back seat to the criminal cases this season.

The MLB might not have a steroid problem anymore, but they do have a “boringness” problem.  Does anyone but really hardcore fans watch regular season games.  The season is about 100 games too long.

Okay, so I have exaggerated a bit here, but there may be one thing that actually does destroy pro sports.  Money.  Money is the root of all evil.  Yeah, it’s as simple as that.

Franchises are making more and more money.  Making executives millions upon millions richer.  Which is making the players crave more of the action, but the executives aren’t willing to budge on the Luxury Cap or other financial burdens.

If there is no way to find a common percentage across all major sports at which to pay players from the gross income of the franchises, then we may see a lock out turn into a complete shut down.  You may think that is crazy, but think about it for a moment.

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