NFL Playoffs

My only NFL post for the rest of this year and in the near future will be just some predictions.  SOooooooo…. Let’s get to it.

NFC:Cardinals 24 Panthers 21

Lions 28 Cowboys 27

AFC: Ravens 17 Steelers 14

Colts 35 Bengals 24

Alright so that takes care of this week.  Next week we got:

AFC: Patriots 28 Ravens 17

Broncos 30 Colts 28

NFC: Seahawks 20 Lions 10

Packers 27 Cardinals 16

Then we got the title games….

AFC: Patriots 20 Broncos 17

NFC: Packers 30 Seahawks 20

And for the super bowl we got….

Patriots 21 Packers 20

Brady wins MVP with 3 td passes and no picks and the defense stops a two point conversion after a crazy 2 minute drill that covers 99 yards by the Packer offense.

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