Bigger Dissapointment

Who has been the bigger LA hoops disappointment this season?  The Lakers, UCLA or the Clippers?

Well let’s take a look at it now….

The Lakers started the season after not signing any big time free agents and throwing way too much money at the Black Mamba.  Most everyone, including the so called experts, had the Lakers finishing last or next to last in the West.  Which, isn’t all that bad considering how crazy good the West is this year.  The defending champion Spurs are currently 7th in the conference.  Yeah… it’s crazy.  So no…. it’s not the Lakers.

UCLA has been one thing and one thing only.  A decent team who hasn’t quite played as well as it could.  UCLA was never going to be in the title hunt this year after losing 3 players to the first round of the NBA draft.  Alas, after being embarrassed Kentucky and being nearly a no-show against every other quality opponent this season, it’s been a rough year for the Bruins.  Youth and lack of depth is killing the team right now and something is going to have to change in order to right the ship and make the tournament this season. But, they are still not the biggest disappointment.

The Clippers own that title outright.  They had been consider at times the best team in the West, prior to the season.  Now they look like a middle of the pack team in the West.  They can’t win the big games and they are sorely missing a big talented wing player that can guard the other big talented wing players in the NBA.  Chris Paul may be a top 3 point guard and Blake Griffin may be a talented, albeit unspectacular talent, but neither of them seem like the winners of an NBA title.  It’s just not in the cards.  So don’t worry LA, even when the Clippers are the toast of the town they are still the most disappointing.

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