The Unbeatable

Kentucky has been by far the best team in the country this season.  Yet, the first two games in the pretty terrible SEC have seen the Wildcats go overtime with Ole Miss and double overtime with Texas A&M.  Now, Kentucky is still undefeated, but they definitely look a lot more vulnerable now then they did about a month ago.

So who is looking to take them down this season before the NCAA tournament starts.  Honestly, as I look at their schedule I would have to say nobody looks like they can beat them.  The only ranked team they see for the rest of the season is a home game in late february against Arkansas.  I have seen Arkansas play and if they play as poorly in that game as they do against Kentucky, they will lose by 70.

If I were a betting man, I would give LSU the best shot to beat the Wildcats in the regular season.  They play Kentucky at home right after Florida gets a shot at them in the Swamp.  And as we have seen with top teams before, their is always a tendency to overlook teams right before or right after a big game.

If the Wildcats do make it to the Tourney undefeated there are plenty of teams that could take them down.  Duke, Wisconsin, Arizona and Virginia probably have the best shot, but watch out for teams like Texas (who played them extremely tough in Rupp) and Connecticut (who has the size and guard play to be a tough out).

All and all, it seems that this NCAA tournament should be a good one.  At the very least, it’s still March Madness for a reason.

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