Oh… Hey There

Dear sports fans everywhere.  It has been some time since we last spoke.  Lots of things have happened.  Championships have been won, athletes have made lots of money, and almost nobody imagined a horse winning a triple crown.  It’s been a great year for sports and the next great year is already beginning.

That’s right.

It’s almost basketball season, which as anybody who reads this should know that it is my favorite time of year.

Forget Football, and baseball, well scratch that.  The MLB playoffs have been nothing short of the most entertaining sports postseason all year, excluding the NCAA tournament of course.

So let’s do a quick glance into our crystal ball and imagine a world where the Cubs and Astros or Blue Jays meet in the World Series (not actually worldwide).

Who wins that series… How about the team that strikes out less and hits more home runs. Is it even possible that you could see a team strikeout 20 times in that series and win a game 3-2 because they also hit 3 bombs?  I think that is true.  Which is why that would be the most exciting World Series matchup.

Football season is well underway and there is a whole lot of nothing worth noting there.  I still dislike you Football for stealing ESPN and making them your personal sports network.  It’s incredibly annoying.

The NBA season is a mere 17 days away.  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t… But, I am incredibly excited to see what happens this season in the NCAA and the NBA.  It’s gonna be a great season basketball fans.

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