It’s Time

Another season over. Another playoff season started. The divisional round of the baseball playoffs was a ton of fun to watch. And I won’t even hardly mention the play in games that were prime time gold. 

The divisional round saw only one game decided by 1 run and yet it was the most entertaining baseball I’ve seen in years. Lions, tigers and Cubs… Oh my. 

Can anybody beat the upstart Cubs?


But they have that swagger stuff without the “ger”. They are young and talented in all the right positions and they have top tier aces with arrieta and Lester

The Cubs only problem is the curse. And let’s just assume that bartman isn’t around to somehow ruin a magical run. They still will come up short. 

The cardiac mets?

Again…  Not likely, but amazing starting pitching and bullpen sufficiency leads to playoff success 

The royals and blue jays have things I hate. Cocky, annoying habits. They seem like they are entitled and that’s stupid. Win something and then you can resume those activities Joey bats. You all know what I mean. 

In the end… No matter what happens this years champion is well worthy. And the fan base needs it. Kinda. Go…. Cubs?

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