The First Two Weeks

We are roughly two weeks into the NBA season and what have we learned so far?

Steph Curry is building a strong early case for MVP… Again… And his Warriors look awfully tough to beat.  This might be the strongest chance to see a back to back winner since the last Lakers title teams.

Speaking of the Lakers, they are awful.  And I don’t mean bad, I mean awful.  They have looked like a completely overmatched team in every game this season and somehow they have one win.  The young guns look like they could be legit, but consistency will be key.  Also, they need to win some games just so the atmosphere changes a bit.

Andre Drummond is out of his mind.  Almost 20 boards a night… Incredible.  The Pistons actually look like a playoff team and Drummond should lead them there.

Russell Westbrook is a flat out angry basketball player.  Demarcus Cousins is just angry.  That’s the difference between being an All-Star and being a superstar like Westbrook.  Cousins has the talent, but his stupidity will keep him from every reaching that mammoth potential.

Free-Agency will be the talk of the season and it will definitely impact the trade deadline.  Expect one or two big names to be moved just so some of the smaller market teams don’t completely lose out on everything.

The East is bad… The West is brutal… Just ask the Memphis Grizzlies who have lost 6 games by a combined 127 points.  5 of those losses are to West teams.  They are 2-1 against the East.

The season is underway and it’s going to be a long one, but the main thing is that it will be very exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens with some of these young studs coming up… Looking at you Andrew Wiggins.

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