Rough Start

So the Lakers have already been a huge disappointment for me this season.  They have played decently, but have folded in the 4th quarter as Byron Scott has tried just about anything to get production down the stretch.  That used to be Kobe time, but he looks about as fresh as 6 month old milk in the 4th.

What’s worse is UCLA basketball had their first game friday night and of course decided to not show up.  They lost in overtime to Monmouth.  UCLA had 23 turnovers against a team that most likely won’t even sniff tournament play come March.  That’s embarrassing for a team that should be pushing to be in the Top 25.  Especially when you consider that guard play should be there strong point.

ON top of that, UCLA football has a chance to keep pace in the PAC-12 south and try to sneak it’s way into a playoff position, ok well at least the Rose Bowl and they go out and lose to Washington State.  Not good folks.

It was a tough weekend for me and my sports teams.  Hopefully UCL A hoops can bounce back against Cal Poly tonight and restore some pride in the program.

Go Bruins!

Go Lakers!

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