Upsets Aplenty

I think the college basketball world is going to see tons of upsets this year. It happens every year, but I expect to see even more this year.

I look at the list of top teams and I don’t see how any of those teams doesn’t lose at least 3 or 4 games this year. Even the mighty Kentucky looks vulnerable and has to see wonder kid Ben Simmons twice this year

This season could be one of the best in terms of parity that we have seen in a long time.  There just isn’t a clear cut best team in the country. Plenty of really good teams but not one great one out there. 

That’s what’s bound to happen when you have so much turnover on the top teams every year. The one-n-done rule has made it possible for teams to hit rough patches due to lack of performance from all their freshman. 

I still think that rule should be amended, but hey that’s just me. In the meantime lets just enjoy what seems to be another amazing season of CBB and get ready for a tourney filled with potential. 


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