What a week

Let’s start the week with the lone bright spot for the Lakers this week. Kobe had a classic poster dunk, albeit in a 25 point blowout. But, a poster none the less and you better believe that you will be seeing that dunk any time you see Kobe highlights for the rest of time. The sad thing is the Lakers are so bad. So so so so so bad. It’s hard to watch. 

UCLA looked ready to jump into the top 10 in the country as they were controlling North Carolina through 8 minutes and had an 11 point lead. Then Thomas welsh and tony Parker got in foul trouble, somewhat ticky-tack fouls, and UCLA never looked the same. They flat out got run over and through for the next 32 minutes and looked not great at times. They did prove one theming however. They are not gonna be a team to you want to see in March. 

Steph curry is a really good basketball player. Don’t have much else to say about that. 

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, but I really can’t wait for all the presents. Not the ones under the tree, but the ones on the tv. One of the best days of basketball every year. Let’s go!! 

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