Surging into Un-Contention

The Lakers won 3 games in a row for the first time in what seems like about 6 years.  I would be impressed if it hadn’t come against 3 teams that are probably worse than the Lakers right now.  But, a 3 game win streak is something of an anomaly, so I will take it.

The Warriors put the Lakers back in their place with a first quarter that saw the Lakers play about as well as I have seen all year and yet still were down double digits thanks to Klay Thompson’s hot shooting.  The game was never really that close, but there were still bright spots for the purple and gold.

Larry Nance Jr. has been the steal of the draft and with every passing game he looks more and more confident.  He’s never going to be a guy that you build an offense around, but he does all the little things well and can still light you up for 20 a night.  His rebounding and athletic ability were never really in question and yet he is exceeding even those lofty expectations.  I really like his game and think that he will be part of the Laker project moving forward, unless he becomes trade bait as the Lakers try to make big moves this offseason.

Kobe’s farewell tour has taken a bit of a backseat this week as he has missed the last 3 games.  He is expected to play tonight against Sacramento.  I still think Kobe plays every road game for the rest of the year and chooses to take days off at home so as not to miss that last game in any NBA city.  He may not come out and say that he craves the attention of the fans on the road, but you can tell he clearly thrives from that spotlight.  He always has.

Go Los Lakers!

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