UCLA and USC basketball might not have the same history as the football rivals do, because it’s actually much more relevant.  During the John Wooden years, USC was one of the best teams in the country.  Multiple times they had championship level teams and lost to UCLA twice and therefore missed the NCAA tournament.  In those days, if you didn’t win your conference, you didn’t make the NCAA tourney.  Sorry Trojans.

Jump Ahead 30-40 years and we see two teams that are fairing better than some might have expected.  USC in particular is playing well beyond their expectations.  In the 3 years since Andy Enfield and Steve Alford took over their programs it has been UCLA winning every matchup.  I don’t expect that to change tonight, but it could when the rematch takes place at the Galen Center.

If you want to watch a good game tonight and you are on the (L)East coast, better take a mid-day nap because this one tips off at 8pm here in California.

Expect a high scoring affair in this one as UCLA takes care of its home court with a 89-84 win.

Go Bruins!

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