Stories of the Week

Well, it’s only Wednesday, but we are chalk full of interesting sports stories.  Let’s see what has happened so far this week.

That NCAA Football Championship happened on Monday.  That was pretty exciting.  It was pretty solid football throughout.  My only issue was seeing Alabama win again.  Better luck next year Clemson.  They should be the favorites when the season starts.

The Lakers won another game.  They are actually 4-4 in their last 8 games.  That is borderline respectable.  Watch out Laker fans.  We may actually hit 20 wins this season.

Antonio Cromartie just can’t catch a break.  He already had 10 kids by who knows how many women.  He finally decided it was time to get a vasectomy.  That didn’t help either as his wife is currently expecting twins.  Yes, that brings him to a grand total of 12 kids.  Oh me oh my.  Lucky for him he still makes enough money to support all these children.

The NFL is heading back to LA.  The Rams are the first team to be relocated to the new stadium that won’t open for 2 or 3 years.  The Chargers still could follow, but I expect them to stick around SD for another year.

Some writer decided to compare Kobe to Wade, both at their peaks.  No disrespect to Wade, but he is not on the same level as Kobe.  As far as 2-guards go, MJ is on his own level, followed by Kobe and then the rest.  Wade will be clumped together with a bunch of other really good shooting guards, but he is not Kobe.  There is only one Mamba. (and only one Jordan).

Not sports related at all, but RIP David Bowie.  That’s all for now.

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