Kevin Durant is going to be surrounded by rumors for the rest of the season.  He is a free agent at the end of the year and there are tons of potential landing spots for him.  The Lakers being the one that I would love to see him sign with, but let’s be realistic here.

Durant wants to win and he has said that time and time again.  If he were to sign with the Lakers they would have to build around them, which they could, but let’s remember that it would take a little bit of time.  They wouldn’t necessarily be contenders next season.  The Lakers do have pieces to move and the ability to pay big prices for stars, but can they lure anybody else to play alongside Durant?

Steven A Smith, whom I despise, said that if Durant signs with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook would follow him when he is a free agent the following off-season.  The Purple and Gold would love to see though two on our side for once.  They have torched us ever since we beat them in the playoffs way back in 08 or 09 or whenever it was.

I think the Golden State Warriors pose an interesting proposition for Durant.  The problem I have with that is how does Durant mesh with an already established group of championship players?  Durant is a scoring machine and demands the ball a whole hell of a lot.  There may not be enough shots for Durant to put up the numbers he is accustomed to in OKC.  However, if he were able to step into that #2 slot behind Steph Curry and scale back his shots as well as play better defense, no team in the NBA would have a shot to beat them.  That team would be absolutely impossible to stop.

I don’t know what Durant plans to do, but I know that he is going to way his options.  Here’s hoping he suits up for the Lakers next season.

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