End Of An Era?

The San Antonio Spurs have just been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs… Surprisingly early.  I’ll hand it to OKC, they flat out-played San Antonio from the tip in game 6.  The Spurs looked a step slow and OKC looked like a real threat to Golden States predestined NBA title run.

But, for now let’s not even talk about the game or the series.  Let’s talk about the end of an era.  The end of arguably the best 18 year stretch by any team not named the Celtics.  Even the dominant Laker teams of the 70’s, 80’s and 2000’s never saw as lengthy a run of success as these Tim Duncan led Spurs.

Duncan has not yet announced his intentions beyond this year and yet many people believe him to be done.   If you caught the end of game 6 tonight there was a quick moment as Duncan walked off the court, after giving his full congratulatory love to every Thunder player, where he seemed to look up to the rafters and in that moment he looked content to call it a day.

I don’t know if that is actually the case, just a feeling that I got from one of the greatest and most selfless players in NBA history.  Duncan may have been the bane of my Laker existence more than a few times, as he led another brilliantly coached and flawlessly executed offense past a desperate Laker team.

If ever there was a franchise that I could respect more than any of my favorite teams, it would be San Antonio.  It’s tough to say it, but the Spurs as we have known them for nearly 2 decades is most likely over.  Although, if we know anything about that franchise, they won’t be resting on their laurels for long.  KD anyone?

Thanks Timmy!

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One Response to End Of An Era?

  1. papa G says:

    Thanks for the memories Timmy.

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