The Olympic Debate

I don’t know what to think of this years Olympics.  I can’t remember an Olympics in the past that I heard so little about heading into the Summer.  The biggest problem is everything that is being discussed is not good.  Zika… The disease that is causing all people and athletes to consider their olympic plans.

Every day it seems another top athlete is saying that they will not be attending or at the very least extremely concerned about traveling down to Brazil.

It’s too late too move the games to another country and venue.  The latest debate revolves around moving the games back a few months.  Which may not be a bad idea other than it could really hinder some of the major sports leagues.  Those sports leagues and it’s players will probably be hard pressed to find a reason to be in the Olympics if that were the case.  If you lose the top athletes, how do you remain relevant?

I’m not going to say that this is the end of the Olympics, it clearly isn’t, but this could change the committees choices for future Olympic games.  The health and safety of the athletes and fans should obviously be the first priority.

I think the games will go on as planned this Summer, but I think between now and then you will continue to hear big names say they are skipping for reasons A, B, and C.  The problem is that we know what the reason is, but it isn’t something that seems to have a quick permanent solution.

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