To Trade OR Not To Trade

A debate that will last right up until we have a conclusion.  The Angels are pretty bad this year and don’t appear suited to become contenders any time soon.  The Angels also possess the best player in baseball…Mike Trout.

Lately there have been people wondering if the best option for the Angels is to trade him.  I don’t think that is the answer… yet.

Trout is under contract through the 2020 season.  That’s 4 more years for the Angels to reap the benefits of his services.  That’s also 4 years for the Angels to stop being flat out stupid and thinking they can just sign big name free agents without repercussion.  Albert Pujols’ contract is getting worse and worse and yet that’s not even the worst contract the Angels have had in the past 5 years….cough…Josh Hamilton…cough.

It’s not quite time for the Angels to push the panic button.  Trout has said that he is comfortable and confident in the Angels organization and I think that he is a loyal person, meaning that if the Angels wanted to re-sign him to what’t like to be a near $300 million contract, he will stay an Angel for life.

Mike Trout deserves to have talent around him.  Just look what he is doing with no help in the lineup and picture what he could be doing with some protection or the ability to steal a base when Albert is up to bat.  I think his numbers could get even better and that’s saying something for a guy that has been runner-up or MVP the last 4 years.

My heart is with the Angels and I want Trout along long term, but I wouldn’t blame him for bailing if there is no chance to win a title in Anaheim (NOT LA).

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