Is It Flagrant?

In the NBA playoffs we have already seen quite a few flagrant fouls.  The problem is not that they are happening, but that the NBA and it’s players don’t actually know what a flagrant is anymore.

images.jpegThis is Flagrant!

The rules state that excessive contact to the yada yada yada…. Nothing is completely clear as each foul is up to the judgment of the officials.

I do think that certain players are on the giving or receiving end of said fouls based on who they are, just as I would say the same of common fouls and other officiating calls (traveling).

The bottom line is this.  Officiating is supposed to involve human error, which is one of the reason I can’t stand all the damn replay technology that has taken over.  So everybody needs to cool their damn jets, Lebron, and stop acting like you never get the benefit of the doubt.  It happens ALL THE TIME!!!

Unknown.jpeg This is not flagrant Lebron!

Thank you refs for doing a solid job… most of the time.

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