Dear Old Time NBA’ers

I know that all you old NBA’ers are all up in arms over Steph Curry being named a unanimous MVP and the Warriors beating the ’96 Bulls 72 win record.

The NBA is not “Watered Down”, it’s not some B-league that struggles to compete with the other top basketball leagues in the world.  These are the best players in the world playing each other on a nightly basis and the talent level is as high if not higher than ever before.

Over the past week or so former NBA players like MJ, Gary Payton and Tracy McGrady have all voiced their displeasure over the current state of the NBA.  I’m sorry that you guys aren’t playing anymore, but there is still a ton of talent in todays NBA.  All of you need to show respect for the players that come after you, just like the respect that you earned from the generation before you.


The NBA of today looks nothing like the NBA of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s and while some rules need tinkering, the NBA is probably having it’s best decade ever.

I will agree that there are too many teams trying to tank from about the 3rd game of the season on, but I know that the players those teams put out there are trying to win.  They will play their hearts out and still expect to be competitive against the NBA elite.

I really want to continue ranting about the constant belittlement of NBA players today, but they make way too much money and are treated like gods.  Let’s face it, they don’t really care all that much about what anybody says.  They are gonna go out there and set records and become as good as they possible can.  And that is all we want from them.


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