Hits and Misses

The domestic violence business that has been sweeping the sporting world, for oh say 5 years now, has got to stop!

Time and time again athletes are getting themselves into to trouble with the law and it’s gotta come to an end now.  These athletes need to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize that there are better ways of releasing your anger.

Snow cone anyone?

Baylor university fired its football coach after a myriad of allegations of many athletes at Baylor. Most of which involved domestic disputes from football players.


I am not here to berate these kids for making what was most likely a dumb college mistake, but at some point somebody needs to learn.  Somebody needs to teach these kids the ramifications of their actions.  It sounds easier said than done, but education is the key to stopping the constant stupidity that we see from these athletes.

I, again, could probably go on a long rant about the multitude of domestic violence cases, but I need to collect my thoughts and data and do that later.

More to come…

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