Game 7

This is it! For all the Marbles!… Well, at least it really should be.  The finals are gonna be hard pressed to have quite as good a series as this Western Conference finals.

Golden State looks confident and calm as they try to come back from the 3-1 deficit they faced just a few short days ago.  OKC looks to try and close out the series on the road, which is going to be very difficult to do without superstar level games from Durant, Westbrook and at least one other player.

I really don’t know how this games going to turn out.  Every time I think I have a grasp on the series, something crazy happens and I’m dead wrong.  My prediction will be made at the end, but let’s talk about this for a minute.

Golden State wins if: They play the way they have the last two games.  Klay and Steph were spectacular down the stretch in game 6 and Klay was just about other worldly from 3 point land the entire game.  If Klay shoots like that again, OKC has almost no shot to win this game.

OKC wins if: Russell Westbrook has more than 10 assists and 3 or fewer turnovers.  The funny thing is that Durant may be more turnover prone in this series, but Westbrook tends to have the more costly cough ups.  They also need a big game from either Steven Adams, Enes Kanter or Dion Waiters.  If one of those guys steps up, then OKC should be right there in the 4th quarter.

The way I see it, Golden State at home in game 7 with all the momentum is going to be hard to stop.  One thing I love about the OKC team is that they seem to have remained calm even after losing the last two games.  I just don’t see OKC keeping up with the Splash Brothers come the 4th quarter.

Golden State 108  OKC 100

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