I know that diehard baseball fans know what’s going on at all times, but for those of you that haven’t been following the sports few 2 months, let’s do a fast motion update on what’s going on.

The best pitcher and best position player in baseball still reside in LA…Kinda.  I refuse to say the LA Angels of Anaheim are an actual LA team, but for this arguments sake I will allow it.  Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout were in positions of great power for the past quite a few years and people have tended to think that others were willing to take their crown at the top.  Alas, as we roll into June the best pitcher and position player in baseball are retaining their spot.  Kershaw is off to a 105K’s to 5 walks start.  The kind of numbers that you would see in a video game and he has looked magnificent doing it.  Trout continues to dazzle in all facets of the game including the one stat that most “experts” put their money into…WAR.

The CUBS are World Series favorites?  Seriously.  That has to be a typo.  No?   Alright then.

The Cubs are the best team in baseball and honestly it’s not that close.  They have pitching, hitting, and depth at all positions.  It’s pretty remarkable honestly.  They currently own a +128 run differential which is almost 50 better than the next closest.  The Cubs are good people and they are built for the long run.

I find extreme pleasure in seeing the Yankees struggling at the bottom of the AL East.

I know a ton more is going on, but that’s all for now.  The NBA finals are about to start and I have no vested interest in baseball at this moment.

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