Lord Stanley’s Cup

We are now 2 games into the Stanley Cup Finals.  I am way behind on my hockey this year, but I know that the Sharks and Penguins are playing at least.

The Penguins have just won game 2 and are now leading the series 2-0.

From what I have read the Sharks have slightly outplayed the Pens, but can’t seem to get any timely goals.  That is going to need to change as the series shifts to San Jose.

I don’t really have much else to say about this series.  No Ducks, No Kings, no cares from me really.  I still enjoy Hockey, but I am just not invested right now.

In other news… Who saw the biggest sports troll of the year?  The PGA Tour decided to move a PGA tour event to Mexico.  Not that surprising a move from the PGA as they continue to try and grow the sport globally.  The best thing about this story is that the event was one that has been played annually at Donald Trump’s Doral course in Florida.  The Donald responded by saying something along the lines that this is a sad day for the PGA tour and golf in general.  Again, showing the classless, rather racist, side that we are used to from the probable Republican nomination.

Dear Donald, stay away from sports and stick to your comb over.  We are over it.

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