NBA Finals

The rematch is set for the 2016 NBA finals.  Golden State will take on Cleveland once again.    So what’s going to happen this time around?  Let’s make some predictions here.

Finals MVP:  Steph Curry.  He probably should have gotten it last year, but Iggy was a solid choice.  If the Warriors want to repeat as champs then Curry is going to have to be spectacular.  I, for one, think that is going to happen.

Most Underated: Klay Thompson.  No matter what Klay gets the short end of the stick.  He is always compared with Steph and/or Draymond Green, but Thompson is better than both of them on the defensive end and can get just as hot from 3 as Curry can.  He is overlooked and therefore very dangerous.

Most Overrated: JR Smith. Smith does bring a shooter to the court that the Cavs desperately need to spread the floor for James and Irving, but he doesn’t do anything else. If he isn’t making shots then he is a complete liability out there.

Player With The Most To Gain And Lose:  Lebron James.  James is a career 2-5 in NBA finals.  If he wins this title then he can join Kobe and MJ on the top pedestal of greats.  If he loses another one, Lebron may go down as the player with the most wasted opportunities.

Who Wins:  Cleveland is going to be tough to beat if they are hitting 3’s like they did against Atlanta.  If they are not hitting those 3’s and think that they can keep up with GS they have another thing coming.  Expect a close series, but Golden State prevails in 6.  Much like last year.  Sorry ‘Bron.

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