Down and Out?

After a game 2, 33 point drubbing at the hands of the Warriors, the Cavs are looking to find answers.  Not necessarily on the defensive side of the ball, but mainly finding anyone outside of Lebron who can score the ball.

Kevin Love had a pretty big game one, but was nowhere to be found in game 2 and that was before he left with a concussion.

Kyrie Irving has looked completely lost on offense and his shot seems to have failed him completely.  He doesn’t look like an All-star or even a starting point guard in this league right now.

For the Cavs to have any chance in this series they need everyone to step up their games.  A task that may be easier said then done.

This is the NBA finals, not the Eastern Conference playoffs where a sub-par effort more than likely won you a game.  If Cleveland doesn’t play their best basketball of the season in the next two games, they are about to get swept out of these finals.

Golden State has seen it’s two best players have rather pedestrian games so far and yet they have won both games rather easily.  The bench has really stepped up and Draymond Green finally seems to have escaped his OKC slump.

Should be interesting come Wednesday.

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