What The Presidency Means For Sports

Okay so this really only is affected if one thing happens.  Donald Trump wins the presidency.  If that happens, I think a domino effect will occur in the sporting world.

First, we won’t be getting the 2026 World Cup bid that we have been trying to obtain, because the goal was to be joint Hosts with Mexico.  Let’s face it, Donald Trump would never let that happen.


The next thing that will probably change is the American Golf landscape.  He might not be able to get that tournament back to his Trump Doral course, but I bet he does whatever he can to make golf an even more “privileged” game than already present.

Trump is not good for the sporting world and he definitely isn’t good for the Presidency, I don’t know why people don’t see that.  Racism isn’t supposed to be prevalent in the White House and yet here it comes, comb over and all.

That will be my only political post ever.  I am not here to spread political beliefs on people.  I am hear to talk sports.


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