Game 3

A 2-0 lead for the Warriors and more bad news for Cleveland as K. Love will sit out with a concussion.  Where do the Cavs go from here?

I say they start Channing Fry.  He isn’t quite K. Love from a rebounding stand point, but he does still stretch the floor.  If they try to go a little smaller with Shumpert or Jefferson they could really suffer.  If you look at the +- ratings when Cleveland goes small, it is not good at all.

The Warriors are sticking to their game plan and look to take an insurmountable 3 game advantage.  I expect nothing but a superb effort from one of the splash brothers.  I’m thinking either  a 50+ point game from Steph or a 20+ point quarter for Klay.

This game should be close.  Probably just a possession or two in the final minute.  Expect one of the big names to make big shots and seal this game.  Right now my bet is on Steph and I see the Warriors looking for the Sweep in game 4.

Warriors 101  Cavs 98

Also, check out this article Thompson for Love Trade, and remember that Jerry West may be the best front office mind in the history of sport.

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