1.5 Billion

Billion, with a B…. almost one and a half billion dollars was spent on day one of the NBA free agency.  Are you kidding me?

If I wasn’t so happy that the Lakers re-signed Jordan Clarkson to a 4 year deal, I would be furious that they spent all kinds of money on Timofey Mozgov.  Mozgov is a decent player, but he doesn’t fit the NBA mold right now as witnessed by his almost invisible NBA finals performance with the Cavs.

Dwight Howard goes home to ATL.  Nobody cares.

Mike Conley now has the highest paying contract in NBA history… Yes, the answer to that trivia question is Mike Conley. At least for one day.  I’m glad he is staying in Memphis.  The guy just seems like a good fit there.  Chandler Parsons is going to join him there in another way over paying contract.

Kevin Durant is meeting every team in the league not named the Lakers and what that tells me is that he is going to have Kobe find him at some point and randomly sign in LA.  With the Clippers.  HAHAHAHAHA.  KD isn’t going anywhere OKC.  Don’t worry.  He is just getting his moneys worth on the recruiting trail.

A plethora of other deals were made.  Nobody cared really.  The biggest news of the day may have been OJ Mayo getting kicked out of the league for failing a drug test.  Apparently dude was into the strong stuff.  That’s a no-no OJ.  Just because your name is OJ doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot.  Come on man.

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