What’s Next

With the world continuously dragging me down with all the hate being spread, it’s hard for me to get excited about anything sports related lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the MLB All-Star Game and the start of the British Open as well as the conclusion to a great Wimbledon.  But, these events all just attempt to mask the issues that the world is currently facing.

Unrest in Turkey and France and the US and Brazil and Great Britain and everywhere.  All the places that are currently hosting or preparing to host major sporting events and yet I can’t even find the joy I usually find in sports, because of all the atrocities.

I fear for this presidential election in the US.  I think that whatever happens, major change is coming to the sporting world.  Those changes are not going to be for the better.

I am losing my train of thought right now, so I will say goodbye for now.  I hope anyone who reads this blog can find it in their hearts to treat everyone with respect and show as much love as possible.


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