To this day when I hear somebody say “Junior” I think of my idol Ken Griffey Jr.  Doesn’t matter in what context or anything.  The first thing that always comes to mind is that man.  Why you ask?  Because he is the one sports figure who I have rooted for my entire life.  Like I said, he is my idol.

It’s strange to me sometimes that I have never gravitated to a basketball player as the person I idolize in the sporting world.  Basketball has been my favorite sport for basically my entire life, but Griffey was always the one I looked up to the most. He always seemed to be having fun and he never looked like he broke a sweat making miraculous play after miraculous play.

Today, The Kid goes into the Hall of Fame and I get to relive my childhood for a few hours while I watch all the highlights from his career over and over and over again.

Griffey transcended the game of baseball and during the 1990’s was the best player in the world.  Injuries cost him most of his late prime, but for 22 seasons Griffey was out on that field.  To say that he is my favorite athlete of all time would be an understatement and would diminish the strange strong bond that I have with the man, even though I have never met him.

Griffey you are my hero and by far the best baseball player I have ever seen play.  Thank you for an amazing career and always playing the game the right way….Looking at you Barry.

This is a short little article I saw that begs to answer the question, “What if Griffey had stayed healthy.”  What If The Kid Stayed Healthy


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